Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> While we are on it. The HIG suggests to use Ctrl-L as the default
> keybinding for "File->Open Location". I would like to follow this
> suggestion but we already use Ctrl-L to bring up the Layers dialog.
> Since that's a longstanding keybinding I am somewhat reluctant to
> changing it. On the other hand it would be good to follow the HIG
> advice here in order to be more consistent with other apps and also in
> order to get people used to the otherwise hidden Ctrl-L feature in the
> File Open dialog.

I frequently use CTRL-L to bring the layers tab to the front, it is a
handy shortcut.

Compared to this I rarely use "Open Location" and for me assigning
CTRL-L to it would IMHO be a pity. I guess that "Open..." is by far
more frequently used and CTRL-O for this is well established.

My vote goes for keeping CTRL-L for the layers dialog, especially when
considering the about 1000 hits for "ctrl l layers dialog gimp" on

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