On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 10:27:05AM -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> Actually Carol,
> the apologies Sven and some more of us are expecting is because you 
> called him a liar the other day. It was rather rough of you part, 
> besides being untrue. Your statement above above does not make it any 
> better, by the way.
well, for one thing, that was a different list.

another thing, the history of gimp is very cool.  what i would rather
research is to find out if the Merge Visible plug-in was written for the
tutorial i love so much on classic.gimp.org and not to prove one of the
lead developers wrong.

on that other list, i really did know what the other perl plug-in
writers were doing more than the developer who wrote the initial
interface.  he is a purist and wrote plug-ins that somehow did not show
the camel on the face of the dialog like some of the others.

users should not allow developers to rewrite history according to their
wishes.  and it is just as wrong to expect that the developers know
everything that the volunteers are doing.

the fact that Sven did not use perl or have a clue about the plug-ins is
not a bad fact.  just a fact.

the fact that marc lehmann did not try other developers perl plug-ins is
another one of those not good not bad facts.

> I am not asking you to leave the list or anything, but this is a 
> situation I do dislike. Sven wrote an e-mail in more friendly terms 
> the other day - which you did not answer. 
> So if you would refrain from insulting Sven and any other developers 
> the list would be a much nicer place. 
the friend i made in Sven is more concerned with properly formated
emails.  calling him a liar on his birthday was sort of a birthday gift.
i did this on another list because this list would have been the wrong
place for that.

i should apologize for following the development of gimp as closely as i
have?  i dont think so.

actually, we should both apologize for not taking the time to research
things.  the fact that i was online and explaining to someone quite
recently (gimp-1.3) the reason that Copy Visible was not in the menus
because it was a perl plug-in and at that time gimp-perl was waiting for
gtk-perl bindings is nothing for me to apologize for.  i think it was
nice that i was available to help someone with it.

this list is where users get to have confidence in what they have
learned and know and to learn more.

to agree with Sven would be to discredit the stuff that Adrian and JTL
did when they made the original web site for gimp-1.0.  i am NOT going
to do that, and no one who has been around since then would ask me.

unless they were having some fun.  on another list, where that kind of
fun is -- well, fun.

thanks for your ideas,

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