oh well, I was under the impression that we could use some
well-established forms of communication here. One such thing is that
if someone feels insulted, he/she can ask for an apology, accept the
apology and the issue is settled. Obviously Carol refuses to do that
and I am pissed off about her behaviour. But I am not going to talk
about this here any longer. Instead I will simply ignore Carols
ignorance. I would however like to correct some of the wrong facts
that she's been spreading (again) in her last mail.

Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> another thing, the history of gimp is very cool.  what i would rather
> research is to find out if the Merge Visible plug-in was written for the
> tutorial i love so much on classic.gimp.org and not to prove one of the
> lead developers wrong.

Merge Visible is not a plug-in, it is a core feature.

> the fact that Sven did not use perl or have a clue about the plug-ins is
> not a bad fact.  just a fact.

I have used gimp-perl, of course. I don't use it a lot and I only once
wrote a script in gimp-perl. So I wouldn't call myself experienced
with gimp-perl. Claiming that I would have never used it, is however
simply wrong. But Carol will certainly call me a liar for saying this.

> actually, we should both apologize for not taking the time to research
> things.  the fact that i was online and explaining to someone quite
> recently (gimp-1.3) the reason that Copy Visible was not in the menus
> because it was a perl plug-in and at that time gimp-perl was waiting for
> gtk-perl bindings is nothing for me to apologize for.  i think it was
> nice that i was available to help someone with it.

As I explained earlier, Copy Visible is a Script-Fu script.

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