IMHO, the world is not a single suit of applications. Doesn't matter 
what HIG or HIK will say.  if I hit <tab> twice on my terminal I am 
asked "Display all 3277 possibilities? (y or n)"  -- that is, over 
3000 applications. Of course  no keybind will behave consistently 
among all of them. Even if only about 1/4 of them are intended for 
interactive use.

I pressed "CTRL + L" around my desktop - on the already open apps - 
just to see what happened, if any "open location" window would pop 
up. Just for fun, of course. Ok, it downloads e-mails, and clears the 
terminal screen, (and, yes, opens the Layers Dialog). But no "open 

On the other hand, ctrl + L to open the layers dialog is extensively 
documented, as Simon puts it. I f the GIMP would be a Gnome-core 
application, I'd say it would be worth the effort. 

Actually, if it is for "ease of use" at all, in a parallell popular  
suite of Free Software Applications, openning a "location", doesn't 
have a different interface of openning a file. One just writes the 
desired URI were he can also type the filename. Now...if someone will 
ask me what I find easier: having an "open " menu entry were I can 
click on folders and files, or type a filename or URL, _or_ having  
two "open" options on the menus, one were I cannot write a filename, 
but if I press a key combination which what happens to be the 
shortcut for the other "open" option I would not think much to answer 
this one.

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