My wife understands why I prefer to use open software, but doesn't really
grok it. Still, she uses the GIMP and doesn't complain too much about
things she misses in Photoshop, except for not being able to use all those
pretty brushes people post up on Deviant Art.

So, I've embarked on the journey you would think someone would have at least
made some progress on by now. I'm not complaining that GIMP can't use PS
brushes, just a little surprised there wasn't enough need for this that
more work hasn't been done on it so far.

I'm attempting to write a library to read Photoshop brushes, which I intend
to use in both a Photoshop-to-GIMP Brush converter and in a plug-in/patch
to allow GIMP to use them natively.

I need some help. If any of you have or know of any documentation,
perferably on the more recent versions of the format, it would be very much
appriciated. I've found some PDFs released by Adobe several years ago, but
the format seems to have changed a bit since then. I'm doing my best to
figure things out as it is, but progress is slow.

Also, anyone who has Photoshop, if you could e-mail me some simple brushes
and tell me the number of brushes in them and their sizes, that could help
me, as I would have some kind of reference points to go to in figuring out
these headers. Currently, I'm working with brush files I know nothing
about, except that they are brushes of "pretty hair". Not very helpful.

All in all, I think its a worthwhile spendage of time, and so anyone willing
to lend even a finger, or hell, even an entire hand, would be very welcome
and thanked to do so.

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