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> IMHO, the world is not a single suit of applications. Doesn't matter
> what HIG or HIK will say.


> On the other hand, ctrl + L to open the layers dialog is extensively
> documented, as Simon puts it. If the GIMP would be a Gnome-core
> application, I'd say it would be worth the effort.

Let's not make this into a GNOME vs GIMP thing. The HIG is a set of Human
Interface *Guidelines* which list a set of usability principles and some of
their implications. No-one is saying it is a bible. As nomis pointed out, it is
not clear that the HIG applies in this case at all.

We have a great relationship with GNOME, they give us stuff (infrastucture,
mainly) and ask for nothing in return. They handle our money, and ask below the
going rate for administration of it. And last, but not least, we share a bunch
of history, libraries and philosophy. While the GIMP isn't part of the GNOME
Desktop Platform, in many ways we're a good citizen in GNOME World.

> Actually, if it is for "ease of use" at all, in a parallell popular
> suite of Free Software Applications, openning a "location", doesn't
> have a different interface of openning a file.

That's exactly the case with the file chooser. In fact, with gnome-vfs behind
it, you get lots more for free too - ftp, sftp, smb and nfs shares are
transparently available.

> Now...if someone will
> ask me what I find easier: having an "open " menu entry were I can
> click on folders and files, or type a filename or URL, _or_ having
> two "open" options on the menus, one were I cannot write a filename,
> but if I press a key combination which what happens to be the
> shortcut for the other "open" option I would not think much to answer
> this one.

This is another conversation :) As they say in the House of Commons, I refer the
honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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