Nick Wilson wrote:
Hi all,

I was hoping someone might point me in the direction of a tutorial (or
just tell me what tools to use) for the following:

I need to take a snapshot of someone and then select them out. IE to
ditch the sofa in the background etc and just have a nice shot of the
subject with a transparent bg suitable for use on a webpage.

I know that isnt easily done, hence the email. Anyone know a good
resource? I did search but didnt come up with much....

(sorry, not really an artist, sheesh, even a text logo takes me 2hrs

Much thanks...

Although the gimp interface has changed since it was written, have a look at this section of the excellent "Grokking the gimp":

Read the whole chapter about selection and masks if you have time.

You have several alternatives:

1- using the quickmask, you can "detour" the subjects using the paint tools

2- even faster is to add a layer mask to your image (right click in the layer tab of the layer, channels & paths dock window). Then, you can select this layer mask and directly paint in it, as seen here:

Wherever you paint with black will make the image transparent. If you are mistaken, just repaint with white and the deleted image reappears :)

As you see on both sections, you can achieve a really good quality. I would not use the selection tools (wand) for a good result, or only to start with. Indeed the obtained selection can be used to start the quickmask (in option 1).

Best regards


PS: I apologise to the mailing-list _if_ the message is sent in HTML. I have just change my newsreader and although I have set it to send text only, I may have made a mistake ;)

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