I'm using small theme on Windows, Russian interface.

English is one of the "shortest" languages. The same string in English is shorter than in Russian and (as I remember) German is even "fatter". But the problem isn't only in string widths. The problem is in the width of the controls.

The problem can be solved by proper formatting and positioning of the controls. Look at the text toolbox (Windows, Russian). All the edit controls are aligned right to the widest control caption. Ok, it looks good. By why on the Earth the colour selector, the shift edit and the line spacing edit are 335 points width each? The units selection control is 125 points width. The font size control is 227 points width. I think it's some mistake.
The checkboxes are aligned left to the left position of the edit controls. If they would be aligned to the left of the window along with the narrowing of the edit controls, the window could be 2 times narrower without any changes in GTK.

David Neary wrote:


Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

Are there any plans of fixing the bug
in 2.2?

Given that the bug is marked as FIXED? I doubt it. It won't show
up in any of the bugzilla queries which people generally sue to
generate such lists.

If you feel that resolution is incorrect, you should re-open the
bug, explaining what the problem is. Or better yet, open a new
bug, referencing that one.


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Alexander Rabtchevich
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