olivier ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am wondering if it is worth opening a bug for this minor UI bug:
> I have noticed that with 2.1.5 "open file" dialog (and at least also
> 2.1.4), the window is resized when the arrow-folding-widget (*) for
> file type (or is it for advanced options, I do not remember) is
> clicked/unfolded. This resize is fine. However when the options are
> folded back, the window does not resize back.
> On the other hand, the behaviour in the "save as" dialog is
> different. When the options are folded, the window resizes back to its
> original dimension. So I suspect this is not supposed to be this way
> for the "open" dialog.

This is a GTK+ problem which is not trivial to solve. Only dialogs
that are not resizable collapse when the expander is closed. If the
dialog is resizable, it will not automatically shrink with the
expander. So we have three choices here:

(1) Make the dialog not-resizable. This would suck since you couldn't
    enlarge the dialog any longer to get a larger file list.

(2) Do what we've done and live with the dialog not folding back.

(3) Do what the GTK+ developers did for the Save dialog and implement
    a custom resize behaviour for this dialog. This would add a lot of
    ugly and hard to maintain code.

We have decided to go for solution (2). There isn't anything important
in the expander anyway. Most GIMP users will never have to use the
File Type selection; the automatic file-type detection should almost
always work good enough.

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