Hi, all.

And nevertheless... Why my code doesn't work with alpha?

>    (define (spline)
>      (let* ((a (cons-array 8 'byte)))
>       (aset a 0 0 0)
>       (aset a 1 85 20)
>       (aset a 2 170 40)
>       (aset a 3 255 60)
>       a))
>    (gimp-curves-spline text-layer 4 4 (spline))

I want simple create a transparent text with script-fu, like in
tutorial "Transparent Objects" written by Ron Scott
(http://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/ronq2/).  For this purpose I need to
create array on a curve http://img52.exs.cx/img52/5495/curve-alpha.png
that to make the selection area, transparent

But my code for some reason does not work with alpha. Maybe this is a
bug, or most likely I simply have not correctly created array.
Uncompleted code of my script can be found here

Please help.

Ivan Zenkov

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