On Sunday 26 September 2004 06:32, Kevin Waterson wrote:
> I have recently been using the tutorial recommended here at
> http://www.gimpguru.org/Tutorials/ReplaceForeground/
> and I am amazingly impressed.
> I wish to venture further into the gimp and create my own
> background. I was hoping to create a spiral of the sort here...
> http://www.iamts.org/images/spiral.gif
> Is there a tutorial or something about this?

Hmm..that spiral is a particular curve, which is not implemented in 
the GIMP. 

You can do other type of spirals with the blend tool (select spiral 
gradient), or with the Gfig filter (in filters->render).

If you want this kind of spiral, I'd suggest that you work on the 
image you just showed us, instead of creating a new (identical?) one.

You can enlarge it without quality loss using scale image, followed 
buy a gaussian blur filter, and sharppening contrast back.

If you need this particular curve, but with other parameters like 
width variation, number of turns, etc, you wll have to do it 
programatically, either using gimp scripts, or as a standalone 


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