So here is another "bug candidate" (i.e. I do not know if it qualifies as a bug, and it could be on my machine only). It is again a minor one anyway, so could be postponed for 2.4 (3.0?):

When using the render plugins (any render plugin), try the following:
start with a blank image. apply a render plugin. undo (-> back to the blank image). repeat the filter (ctrl-f). All of the plugin will regenerate the same image (which is fine). All except IFS compose. It does nothing. "Reshow2 will work, but not "repeat".

However, on my window Gimp 2.0.3, it works ok, so maybe it is only a problem of my configuration (Linux Mandrake 10.0, gtk 2.4.x I do not remember x, but it is superior to the requirements, it is 6 or 9 I think).



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