I did a quick compile of Pawel T. Jochym's new RawPhoto 1.18, and everything seems to be working great! It is now online at http://www.princeton.edu/~mplough and will be up on the GIMP plugin registry within the next few days.

If anyone knows where to contact Pawel, could you please let me know?


Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

Hello, Matthew!

Did you see the renewed http://ptj.rozeta.com.pl/Soft/RawPhoto with the new ! http://ptj.rozeta.com.pl/Soft/rawphoto/rawphoto-200410130109.tgz ? :)

P.S. Windows version is still missed ;).
P.P.S. Now I'm compiling (and fixing dcraw for usage with your rawphoto compilation) by myself :). The compilation from Bendjamin Lebsanft doesn't fix bad pixels on my PC and direct compilation by myself doesn't work without one hack.)

Matthew H. Plough wrote:

Hi everyone --

I have compiled PaweÅ T. Jochym's RawPhoto 0.7 ( http://ptj.rozeta.com.pl/Soft/RawPhoto ) for Windows, and need people to test it. The plugin works perfectly on my computer, but I don't know if this will be the case elsewhere. The plugin acts as a GIMP 2.0 front end for dcraw (Windows binary at http://www.insflug.org/raw/ ), which processes RAW digital camera images.

Would anyone be willing to test this plugin on Windows and give me feedback as to how well it works? My compilation is located at http://www.princeton.edu/~mplough/tmp/rawphoto-windows-0.7.zip . I also have a sample image (of a Coast Guard cutter shot from a cruise in Alaska) at http://www.princeton.edu/~mplough/tmp/CRW_0092.CRW .

Thank you,
Matthew Plough

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