Balas Mark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have just started to use Gimp 2.0.5, under Mandrake Linux 10.0. I
> have a really serious problem with the text tool.
> If I do the following:
> 1. Start Gimp
> 2. Create a new image
> 3. Select the text tool
> 4. Click on the new image
> 5. Start typing any text
> Both the image window and Gimp closes without any warning after the
> first 1 to 3 letters. The text I type do not appear in the "word
> processing" window.

It would probably help to start gimp from an xterm (or whatever
terminal emulator you prefer) and check if there's any output on the

I guess that your problem is a somewhat broken font that causes
problems with the libraries that handle fonts for GIMP. Does this
happen with whatever font you choose? What versions of freetype and
fontconfig are you using?

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