JCA wrote: 
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>  Most of the times, when I type some text in the text window, I get
> nothing on the background, and not text layer is added. 
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This doesn't match any widely reported bug I know about.  Of course
if you type black text on a black background, you won't see the
text, but you should still see the layer boundary in yellow even
in that case.

Because I, and very likely other developers, don't see this problem
ourselves, we will need more information to be able to say anything
useful.  The most important information you could give would be
a recipe that reliably and repeatedly reproduces the problem.  If
you can come up with one, it would also be important to give complete
details about your GIMP installation:  what version you're using,
what OS, and other possibly relevant factors.

One possible explanation is font problems, but that can't be
pinned down based on the information you've provided.

  -- Bill

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