Jenny Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a need to sometimes change the colour of a sky on a picture
> while leaving the clouds unchanged.  In gimp 1.2 I do this by using
> the Decompose to Hue, Saturation and Value function, then taking the
> Saturation, inverting the black to white values and copying and
> pasting this to a layer mask on the original image. This set the
> blue saturated clear sky to varying degrees of transparency,
> depending on how deep the blue was, leaving the monochrome clouds
> unchanged. A layer could then be placed behind with the desired sky
> colour.
> I now have Gimp 2.0 installed, but have not found a way of getting
> the same results.

The same technique should work here as well. Compose/Decompose are
found in the Filters->Colors menu.

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