Recently upgraded to GIMP 2.0.4 on both Windows and Linux platforms.
IIRC, when I was moving a selection in GIMP 1.x, the distance moved since
mouse-1 was last clicked used to show up on the status bar.  Now, that
value *does* show up on the status bar, but only *while* the mouse is
*actually* moving, meaning when I am trying to get something to just the
right position, it only flashes for an instant, making it very hard to

I have tried clearing my status-bar preference, so that nothing is
displayed ordinarily, but still in this case -- the relative move distance
shows up for just an instant and vanishes.  Is there a fix for this? I
haven't seen anything about it in the manual or google (but it's hard to
tell what to search for).

As a related topic -- is it possible in GIMP to create an array of
selections?  Like, select something and copy it, and then paste n of them
down in a line (or as a floating selection), spaced exactly x pixels
apart?  Such a feature would be extremely cool.

Thanks for the software,

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