On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:53:24PM +0100, Jenny Drake wrote:
> I recently asked a question on the Decompose function and where it had
> gone to in the Gimp V2. This was promptly answered. I use this function
> as part of a process flow to change the blue colour in sky without
> affecting the clouds, or anything else. Jim Clark (of this list) was
> interested in the process that I use. Over the course of a number of
> emails we had enough screen shots and text to form a short tutorial.
> I've written it up and placed this on my site for your edification and
> delight. 
> http://www.photojenic.co.uk/home-page/gimp-sky-colour.html
this is a wonderful tutorial.  thank you so much for writing it.

so much of the gimp's things, the scripts and such were written in the
way you described.

the best things in life are free,

thanks again for the tutorial :)


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