On Friday 01 October 2004 11:42, Nick Wilson wrote:
> * and then Nick Wilson declared....
> > * and then Nick Wilson declared....
> >
> > > Right, thanks. I've worked out how to offset (only need the x
> > > offset) but the clone tool has a cirle with a line through it?
> > > - looks like it wont work for some reason?
> >
> > Sorry, just worked it out. Too hard for me i think, the 'fog'
> > pattern is way to complex, i'll try find a way to do it with
> > somthing that has 'make tileable'....
> Eureka! - i think..
> Is there a way that if i use the script-fu -> fog thing I can then
> make part of the layer fade away? - it's for a 80px deep 'header'
> so if i can make the right hand edge fade into the background it'd
> work?
> Sorry to be a pain ;-) i just really like this effect and would
> love to use it..

Threw is a thread on how to fade a layer into transparency going on 
right now - see the messages with subject "Fade one edge of photo to 
However, there are no secrets for those who have understood the way 
layer masks work:
Just add an opaque (white) mask to your layer, and paint on it with 
the blender tool, with "linear" and "no repeats" as options, make a 
gradient from white to black on the edge you want transparency.

It is also worth to note that the pyhon-fu "add fog" actually uses the 
filters->render->clouds->plasma plug-in in a mask. The "plasma" 
sibling on the same menu, "solid noise", does have a "tileable" 


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