Karl Fischer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm doing a bootsplash images so I need to convert a 24bit image
> into 16 bit is there a way of doing this

There used to be a GIMP plug-in for doing bootsplash images. Not sure
if it creates the output the format that you are looking for.

Otherwise, if you wanted to write a simple plug-in for this, doing the
conversion is simple, just call this for every pixel:

#define PIXEL_RGB16(r,g,b) ((((r) & 0xF8) << 8) | \
                            (((g) & 0xFC) << 3) | \
                            (((b) & 0xF8) >> 3))

This assumes that 16bit means RGB565 (5 bits red, 6 bits green, 5 bits
blue), but that's typically what it means.

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