I have an HP Photosmart 7260 printer which prints great photos when I print 
from other Linux applications, particularly KDE apps with kprinter.  To get 
good photos I do have to explicitly set the printing mode in the driver 
settings, but it works well.

It works well in every application *except* the GIMP, that is.  The GIMP 
appears to do some rescaling and adjustment that makes the output look 
noticeably blurry.  I've configured the GIMP to print through kprinter (with 
command "kprinter -dPhoto --stdin") so that the kprinter dialog pops up and 
allows me to set the print mode.

What's really annoying about the GIMP not printing nicely is that it makes 
printing photos a multi-step process.  The image viewers I've tried print 
okay, but they assume 72dpi, rather than whatever I really want (usually 
300dpi, but sometimes more or less, depending).

So, my current process is to load the image in the GIMP, use "scale image" to 
adjust the dpi setting (usually without actually scaling the image) and then 
save the image as a postscript file.  Then I can load the .ps file up in 
kghostview or whatever and it prints very nicely.

Any ideas what I can do to fix this?  I have the GIMP's Image/Output Settings 
set to all the defaults (Image Type: Photograph, Output: Type Color, all the 
parameters on the Adjust Output dialog to "1.000").  I'm careful to ensure 
that I don't have to do any scaling from the print dialog, either... 
"Scaling" is set to 100.0%.

What else... the printing system is CUPS v1.1.21rc1, the driver for the 
printer is Foomatic v3.0.2 + hpijs v1.6.2 (configured through the KDE 
printing manager) the system is Debian unstable, with a 2.6.8 kernel and the 
GIMP is version 2.0.5.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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