Shawn Willden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> As Sven pointed out in private e-mail, I misstated here.  That's
> what I get from going from memory.  My goal is to avoid scaling (and
> the quality reduction that may occur), so what I've been doing is
> using the "Use Original Image Size" button and verifying that the
> "Scaling" is the right number of PPI (in PPI mode, not Percent
> mode).
> I have been seeing the blurriness without scaling up to the full
> size of the page, as would happen if Scaling was really at 100%.

I have no idea what is causing your problems then. I have been told
that the gimp-print drivers would create superb printouts. Perhaps you
should ask your question on the gimp-print mailing-list. They should
know better. The gimp-print project has it's homepage at

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