Shawn Willden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> (I hope you don't mind if I post this back to the list, Sven)

I replied to the list (and to you) so the discussion has been on-list
all the time...

> Well, I didn't post there because I'm not using the gimp-print
> drivers.  The gimp-print drives don't support my printer, so I'm
> using the hpijs driver from HP.  My assumption was that the print
> dialog and whatever it generates to send to the drivers is on the
> gimp application side, rather than on the gimp-print side, which I
> believe is only drivers.  Is this not correct?

The plug-in that ships with GIMP has been written by the gimp-print
developers and it uses libgimpprint. So you are using the gimp-print
drivers. I do not know exactly what the plug-in is doing in case of
your setup. The gimp-print folks should know better.

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