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Sven Neumann wrote:
(5) As always we need people testing the pre-releases that we will
    start to roll out soon.

My question is then:
Are there specific places/actions in gimp that should be tested? Areas where bugs are more suspected to hide because of important changes...

Yesterday, I started with the "Glass effects", "Light effects", "Distorts" and a few map plugins, and I found only an old bug (present in 1.2 already), a minor new bug and a weirdness (I do not know if it qualifies as a bug).

1- The old bug (I did not see it in Bugzilla, but 1.2 and 2.0 are affected): In the Map Object plugin, in the Material tab the setting for "Highlight" in the reflectivity can be chosen as a real number with two decimals between 0 and 10000000000000000000,00. However, any non integer value gives a black area in the preview rendering and in the final result. Also, the meaning of the value is not clear. According to other bug reports for this plugin in bugzilla, this plugin is unmaintained, so I guess it is not worth opening a new bug report for it.

2- The new minor bug: preview in Glass Effects -> Apply lens:
When the "Preview" checkbox is checked, toggleing the radio buttons "Keep original surroundings" and "Set surrounding to background color" does not change the preview. To have an updated preview, one needs either to uncheck and recheck the "Preview" checkbox or to change the refractive index value. However, the final result is okay, only the preview is not updated.

3- weirdness: Preview in the Distort->Ripple plugin
When "Retain Tilability" is checked, changing the "edges" options (or is it called "borders") from smear to wrap to black and so on will result in different previews while the final result is the same (which is correct). However, one can argue that there is no sense to change this setting when Retain tilabitity is ckecked. So I do not open any bug report for it.

I have an additional question: I have noticed that the GFlare plugin has different window decorations that the other plugins on my machine. Using xprop, I have not found differences in the windows. Any clue? (Enlightenment 0.16.6 as window manager).

I do not see major bugs in the 2.1.6 on the path to 2.2, with the exeption of the GTKUIManager-related stuff.



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