olivier ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 2- The new minor bug: preview in Glass Effects -> Apply lens:
> When the "Preview" checkbox is checked, toggleing the radio buttons
> "Keep original surroundings" and "Set surrounding to background color"
> does not change the preview. To have an updated preview, one needs
> either to uncheck and recheck the "Preview" checkbox or to change the
> refractive index value. However, the final result is okay, only the
> preview is not updated.

Now fixed in CVS. Thanks for noticing.

> 3- weirdness: Preview in the Distort->Ripple plugin
> When "Retain Tilability" is checked, changing the "edges" options (or
> is it called "borders") from smear to wrap to black and so on will
> result in different previews while the final result is the same (which
> is correct). However, one can argue that there is no sense to change
> this setting when Retain tilabitity is ckecked. So I do not open any
> bug report for it.


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