Hi Fernando!

I am even working on a script to do this these days, - map a palette 
to an image based on value information (not nearest color - as the 
GIMP does, but buy color value: black is mapped to first color in 
palette and so on).

Unfortunattely, the GIMP can only handle indexed images with 256 

My script _can_ map a palette to an RGB image, but currently, as I 
said, I am using the pixel Value to do that - and there are only 256 
color values allowed  in  8bit RGB . :-(.  For Value here I mean the 
Pixl Value in HSV color model, which is MAX (R,G,B)

Moreover, I use a trick with the the GIMP curves tool to do that, aand 
the curves tool will also only use 256 colors.

How many colors do you need? if less then 512, I can think of a trick 
whicth I could tune my script to do automatically - using another 
component besides pixel Value - possibly the Red channel - to have 
more than 256 target colors.

This would map, again, in palette order.
If you want the nearest color, the better thing to do is to get 
yourself a Patch to the gimp core, in which an image is mapped to a 
palette, but remains RGB, using the same algorithims thgat are there 

I think I could provide sucha  a patch, that would hardly make it into 
the official GIMP. It would be a thing for your use only, at least 
for a while. That would use some of my work time - so, what I mean, 
is, how much do you need this? 

BTW, all my scritps are gimp-python. I will mail you my palette 
mapping  script in private anyway - at least you can study it.

Unfortunnately, the GIMP 
On Sunday 17 October 2004 13:52, Fernando Sancho wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm new to the list. I have joined because I need help.
> I'm making a gimp-python scipt to create cross stitch patterns from
> an image. Reading list's archives i've founded this
> http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg011
> I don't know if Carol has completed his idea. By now, i'm
> evaluating how much work can make gimp by itself.
> The feature that i can't find in gimp is to map an image with a
> custom palette (DMC Floss colors). Gimp only allows me to convert
> from RGB to Indexed mode, but it doesn't allow to choose a custom
> pallete with more than 256 colours, and doesn't allow to choose the
> maximum number of colours.
> Any help?
> Thanks in advance
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