* Gary Montalbine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-17-04 18:32]:
> Off and on for the past year I have tried to figure out how to change
> the default margins in gimp-print. I have searched, googled read the
> archives and have not found a way to change the default margins. I
> particulary find the .5 left margin troublesome. I have the latest HP
> driver installed.
> I hope there is an easy solution. I have lots of pictures with uneven
> borders.

man lpoptions

my results for epson stylus photo 925

job-sheets=none,none ImageableArea=Letter PageRegion=Letter
PageSize=Letter PaperDimension=Letter PrintoutMode=Normal.Gray
Contrast=1.000 Cyan=1.000 Density=1.000 Magenta=1.000 Yellow=1.000
_kde-filters=true cpi=12 lpi=10 page-bottom=36 page-left=11
page-right=18 page-top=7 position=top-left stpBrightness=1.000
stpGamma=1.600 stpSaturation=1.00


magrin widths are in points (pt) where
  1 pt = 1/72" = 0.35 mm

Options set with the lpoptions command are used by the lp and lpr
commands when submitting jobs.  (the lpoptions command is unique to

You didn't say what print system you employe.
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