On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 20:10 -0700, Marcus Bryner wrote:
> Hey all,
> Maybe someone on this list is interested in this:  Here is a new step by step 
> howto on batch color modifications (i.e. getting proper white balance) using 
> GIMP script-fu.  
> http://schweizerhof.docbryner.com/~marcus/slidestodigital/howto.html
> I've been using a slide duplicator to convert 1000's of slides to digital 
> using a Canon A70 camera, then running them through GIMP to correct for 
> proper white balance.   I started writing the howto just for myself for 
> future reference, but the project evolved....  
> Anyone know other good places to post this where someone might be interested?
> Let me know if anyone finds this useful!  :)

Your webserver is serving up this document as text/plain (rather than
text/html), so it is hard to read at the moment (i.e. littered with HTML
tags). You may wish to fix that. :-)


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