On Wednesday 20 October 2004 15:49, Richard Taylor wrote:
> I know I am being really dim but...
> Where do I put a python-fu script to get gimp to load it? I have
> tried the .gimp-2.0/scripts directory and
> /usr/share/gimp/2.0/scripts (where all the .scm files are).
> I can't find any of the existing python-fu plugins either but they
> must be there somewhere because gimp shows some in the menus.
> Sorry for being so dim, but it is not in the python gimp
> documentation either.
> Regards
> Richard

In the Plug-ins directory. That is:

In a Unixish systems they also have to be set as executable by 
everybody (chmod 755 , or by GUI).

Unlike scheme scripts they behave as full plug-ins,, including 
appearing in the "repeat/reshow last filter" menu opptions on the 
filters menu.

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