Owen wrote:
On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 18:58:46 +0200
Like others with Mozilla and Konquerer on a Mdk10/KDE machine, I only got the source, 
however when I removed the first line

That is good news. There are now 3 persons reporting the problem :)

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> ....

so that it started off as


I could read it in a browser (less images of course)

Well, you should not need to suppress this line. When you save locally the file, there is no problem.

I will try to explain why (I will oversimplify, so some things get not 100% exact):

The browsers need to know what they are looking at (is it an image? a text file? an archive? an html file that has to be interpreted).

When you are looking at local files (files that are on your hard drive), the system is using the file name to guess what the type of the file is. On Windows, the extension (last characters after a dot) is used. On Linux, it is very similar, although the complete file name can be used, not only the last characters (this is why you may have different icons and actions for a README.TXT file or an AUTHORS.TXT than for other txt files). For the name of the file you are looking at (it should be "howto.html"), the system sees it is an html file and tells it to the browser. The browser then interprets the code to display the page correctly.
Try this: change the name of the file to howto.txt and drag and drop the file to firefox. It will be displayed as text, with all the tags visible.

When you are looking at a file on the web, your computer cannot know the type of the file since it is not accessible on your hard drive. The web server has to tell it if what is sent is an image, an archive, a pdf, a html file, etc. If the server says text/plain, then the browser will open the file as if it was called "howto.txt".
You will ask me "Why does the system not try to guess from the filename?" It would be simple, but would also have problems: You may notice that sometimes, the files are not called toto.html but toto.php or toto.asp. Guessing the file type from the name would most probably not be a good solution either.

So the problem we have here is that the server sends the HTML page saying that it is a plain text one. For the browser, it is exactly the same as reading the "howto.txt" file.

Another problem, too hard, so I don't worry :-) Try another day!

I do not worry :) . Actually, I can view the file in IE if I need to. I can also save it, change all the img tags to point to the images
so they point to the images on the web.

Just the original poster has asked for feedback. So we are trying to help him solving a misconfigutation of his server. ;)

Best regards,


PS: And yes I know, we are really getting off-topic for this list ;)

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