A gimp newbie here;

I just set gimp up on a Debian system and am having problems getting my OfficeJet 5500 to print from Gimp. It works fine with all other software on my system so I'm puzzled as to why it won't work with Gimp.

I use CUPS for printing and have set my printer up using the foomatic/hpijs setting as there are no gimpprint drivers available.
In Gimp printer setup I have Postscript level 2 selected as the model (the OJ 5500 doesn't show up in the list) and have the path to the .ppd file for the OJ 5500 in the PPD file box.
What am I doing wrong in my setup? Will this printer simply not work as a PostScript printer using the .ppd file, or do I need to install more software? (I have HPIJS 1.6.2 installed along with the latest versions I can find in Debian of all foomatic files and libraries.)


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