Is it possible to call an interactive script from within an interactive script?

Let me clarify...

If I call script-fu-test1, and I fill out the parameters and let it compute, is it possible to have that script call another script that asks me for more input parameters?

One case that I'm considering ...

I am trying to create a complete web-theme image gallery (buttons, bullets, logos, etc) but there isn't enough space on a single input form to gather all the information at once, so I want to break it down by function, but starting with some base info.

So on the initial page I would set things like to fg & bg colors, font type, sizes, etc, but then when it goes to create the bullets, I can further refine how I want them created, and the same would go for the other gallery types as well.

I've tryed registering my script-fu functions with gimp (sucessfully), but I can't seem to find the proper way to call them from within my script. Thought???

Is it even possible?



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