AFAIK such calls are made in a non interactive mode.
i.e. You can call another cript-fu, but have to pass its parameters in 
the call - no dialog is displayed.

As a first suggestion, you might rty to get some parameters from 
gimp-context, instead of having input widgets for them all: For 
example BG e FG colors could be the currenctly active colors.

As a  second suggestion, I see nothing short of you desingning a full 
plug-in either in C, Python, or Perl, with a proper GTK interface. 
There are some hacks that could be done with python-fu if you know 
python but do not know GTK , like running a first script, saving the 
parameters to a tmp file, and reading them back on a second script. 
(ugly , but would get your job done, without GTKing).

A third way would be hacking python-fu or script-fu themselves in 
order for they to make their main-dialogs a scrollable dialog. That 
might not be imediate - but seems apropriate, maybe could be let as 
an enhancement request for the GIMP. Maybe Kevin could do this for 
you in Tiny-fu - an alternate scheme script engine for the GIMP he is 
the maintainer of.


On Sunday 31 October 2004 14:41, Matthew Kettlewell wrote:
> All,
> Is it possible to call an interactive script from within an
> interactive script?
> Let me clarify...
> If I call script-fu-test1, and I fill out the parameters and let it
> compute, is it possible to have that script call another script
> that asks me for more input parameters?
> One case that I'm considering ...
> I am trying to create a complete web-theme image gallery (buttons,
> bullets, logos, etc) but there isn't enough space on a single input
> form to gather all the information at once, so I want to break it
> down by function, but starting with some base info.
> So on the initial page I would set things like to fg & bg colors,
> font type, sizes, etc, but then when it goes to create the bullets,
> I can further refine how I want them created, and the same would go
> for the other gallery types as well.
> I've tryed registering my script-fu functions with gimp
> (sucessfully), but I can't seem to find the proper way to call them
> from within my script. Thought???
> Is it even possible?
> Thanks
> Matt
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