Andrew <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Mandrake 10 Community
> I was using the gimp2_0-2.0.4-1mdk.i586.rpm that came with the above
> distro without any problems.
> I then upgraded to gimp-2.0.5 (tar.bz2). Now the text tool causes Gimp
> to crash after either one or two keystrokes. If it crashes after the
> second, the first letter I type appears on the image but not in the
> editing box.
> Where do I go from here? Back?

Upgrade pango to 1.4 or newer or apply the small GIMP patch attached
to bug #154144. I will try to make a 2.0.6 release soon that will have
this problem fixed. But I will probably not find time for this until
the weekend.

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