I try to use gimp to print a picture that I want to match the original

The full size A4 page is 210x297mm.

According to the CUPS testpage, which prints the bounding box about 4 mm
from the edge, the page size is 201.5x288.4mm, the border is 4.2mm

I create a new picture, set the dpi to 300, sizes 201.5 x 288.4

So I expect that this picture can be printed with 300dpi, about 4mm close
to the borders.

Then I click print, and in the print dialog, I click Use Original Image

The result is that it will be printed at 318.5 dpi, with top and bottom
borders at 1.27 cm. That's about three times more border than the size
CUPS has used.

And the problem is that I cannot set it to be lower.

I can write smaller numbers in the Position - Top for example, but the
original 1,27 will replace my numbers.

Why is this?

Why does gimp not let me set a smaller margin?

27.16cm height which seems to be the maximum is not enough for me.

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