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Richard wrote:
> Now, have a question:
> if I shot in B&W (via digital camera), wouldn't that give me a better image,
> to work with in Gimp,  instead of converting it to Grey Scale?

That depends. What your camera gives you will probably be better
thanb what you get by simply converting from RGB to greyscale or
by desaturating the color image (these are essentially the same

However, since shooting in B&W gives you less information than
shooting in color, your options are limited. There is only one
B&W representation that you can have. By shooting in colour and
converting by had into B&W, you can play around an awful lot and
get results that are much more striking. You might, for example,
decompose to YUV and use the Y channel. Or to RGB and use G. Or
use the channel mixer to take 60% Green, 30% Red and 10% Blue
(roughly the same as converting to greyscale) Or playing around
with those percentages. Or using L from an La*b* decomposition.

There are loads of ways of getting grayscale images from colour
images. If you know about them, you might prefer the power you
have in doing that. However, if you are just using
Layer->Color->Desaturate or Image->Mode->Grayscale, the results
from your camera will probably be better.


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