I'm trying to create some buttons that are beveled along the edges, have an optional "pressed-in" look, etc.

I'm basing my script-fu work on the script-fu-button00 function (file: beveled-button.scm). I'm understanding everything in the example code up until the point that it makes a call to: plug-in-bump-map()

This is the call that takes the bump-map image and overlays it with another image (terminology might be off, sorry).

But what I dont understand, is how, or which parameters, are setting the shadowing of the pressed in look (or the not pressed-in).

I don't understand what is causing the 2 strips of dark bevel to appear.

I've commented out the code to where it stops drawing at that point so that I can look at the layers, but I'm still not seeing it. I've looked at the plug-in code, and am still not seeing what is causing the shadowing effect.

In short:

What is causing the dark portions of the bevel (one horizontal, one vertical)?



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