On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Ricardo Cappellano wrote:

> Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 12:19:30 -0300 (ART)
> From: Ricardo Cappellano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [Gimp-user] analogs tools between gimp and photoshop
> Hi all!
> I'd like to know if anybody have a list of analogs
> tools between these two softwares. It would be very
> helpful to have it in my webpage to help who wants to
> move from photoshop to the Gimp.

If you are writing a page for Photoshop users who also want to use the
gimp then you should definately be sure to tell them about "psmenurc"
which provides Adobe Photoshop like keyboard shortcuts for everything.
It could help give you an idea of what tools are similar based on the
shared keybindings.

Make sure the help is properly installed, and consider installing extras
like gimp-perl, gimp-python, gimp-data-extras, gimp-print and last but
not least gimp-gap.

You should also be sure to point out PSPI, which is a "Photoshop Plugin
Interface" written by Tor Lillqvist which allows you to use most 8bf Type
Photoshop Filters with the gimp.

The Filter iWarp is similar to the Liquify Filter in photoshop.
If they are asking for "Save for Web" try showing them how to use Webotine
(or Perlotine, or Py-Slice or Guillotine).

If you want "Layer from Cut" and "Layer from Copy" I've implemented them
in both Script-Fu Scheme and Python and some other scripts (like Place,
and Align) that might be of some interest to photoshop users.

I'd recommend you make serious efforts to manage expectations.  If they
are using a recent version of photoshop (or photoshop elements)  you will
definately want to carefully test some of their Photoshop Documents and
make sure the level of support is good enough for their needs.

Note: The information that is shown in the title bar and status bar can be
tweaked to be more like how it is in Adobe Photoshop.  I doubt it would
make much of a difference but it would be good to write up some notes on

The gimp often has different strategies and you will need to explain this
carefully to photoshop users or risk severely dissappointing them.
If you can set them up with a good Thumbnail browser it will help ease the
pain of the gimp not having one built in (Photoshop has had a thubmnail
browser since Photoshop version 7.0).

I'd turn Rulers off by default if I were you, it is the way Adobe
Photoshop does it and I think it makes thinks look just a little bit
tidier and more aesthetically pleasing.
I might also turn on text labels on the Docked Palettes to help make
things easier to learn (and only disable them later if you want to save

Be sure to show them the navigation/over widget that is on the bottom
right between the scrollbars.

There is probably lots more that could be written but off the top of my
head that all I can think of so far.


Alan Horkan

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