I have successfully compiled the 2.2pre1 release (110minutes 6seconds).

Just some remark:
The new filechooser is really slow the *first* time. I think its a gtk

When I browse my images the thumbnail generate automatically, where can
I disable it?

The preview window (for the plugins) is just magnific, but it would be a
little nicer to have an option that its zoom on the image(1:1) or it
take the whole image in the preview window.

The iWarp tool have just a small preview area (as before), can it be
developped a little bit to have an option zoom in?
Bigger preview window and capability zooming in and out.(just for the

When I was playing with the new filters the gimp hanged on, but I can't
reproduce anymore.:-(

Anyway there are big steps forward! I especially love the new statusbar
and the toolbox's active image thumbnail.

Best regards, 

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