Will the 'print size width/height' fields be returning to the Scale Image dialog?

Forgive me if I've misinterpreted the intentions of the new Scale Image dialog (and 
let me know if I have), but after reading bug #151022, I believe the removal of the 
'Print size Width/Height' fields unnesessarily adds an extra step for people in the 
print industry (me) who rely on changing an image to a specific print size w/o any 
harm to the pixels.

The previous Scale Image dialog worked perfectly for "resizing" images for print.  
Now, with the 2.2pre1 image scale, if I have an image that is 5" x 5" / 150 ppi (750 
px by 750 px) and I need to (non-destructively) change the print size to 4" x 4", the 
only way to do this with the new dialog is to pull out a calculator.  I must divide 
750 (px) by 4 (inches) to determine the new print resolution (which comes to 187.5 
ppi), and enter this value in for the x/y resolution.

With the older dialog, since all I'm concerned with is changing the print image size 
to 4" x 4", I had a dedicated field ('Print size Width/Height') to simply enter that 
info into.  I didn't have to worry about the resolution as it calculated automatically 
thus preserving (i.e., not changing) the image pixel size.

Also, before anyone suggests this, I did try changing the image size units to inches 
and then change the size that way, but it becomes a destructive scale.

Personally, I will continue happily using the Gimp regardless if this gets fixed or 
not, but I do think people coming from a print background who are new to the Gimp will 
be confused by this (i.e., having to manually calculate the resolution to change the 
print size).

Thanks for reading,
Eric Pierce
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