Kevin Myers wrote:
Please give my regards to the French, and speaking of Liberty, you might
want to recall who liberated France from German occupation, not once, but
twice.  Also perhaps mention the fact that the USA also protected all of
Europe from the Soviet Union for half a century, at great cost to every man,
woman, and child in the USA.  Debt for and justifiable claim to the Statue
of Liberty paid in full.  Case closed.

Before modern day liberals in France and their ilk have any ground to stand
on at all, maybe they might consider helping us for a change, rather than
selling weapons to Saddam Hussein for use on his countrymen and neighbors.

Seems to me that someone who makes irresponsible statements like the one
below is forgetting who the real terrorists are in the world.  Maybe you'd
rather go live with them or invite them to run your government and see just
how much liberty you have then.


Couls we keep these mails out of the list. They are not only off-topic, but contain about one historical or factual mistake per line.

Thanks in advance.


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