Oscar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've a question: it's possible quickly change the brush size in the
> pencil or paintbrush mode?

You can create yourself a scalable brush by clicking on the "New"
button in the Brushes dialog. A Brush editor window will appear that
allows you to edit several parameters of the brush. GIMP 2.2 gives you
more options here and it also allows you to bind keys to the brush
properties. So you could easily set it up so that for example '<'
decreases brush size and '>' increases it. Or you could bind it to a
mouse controller so that you can modify the size of the current brush
using a modifier (Shift/Control/Alt/...) and the mouse wheel.

In GIMP 2.2 we also include some experimental input controller modules
that allow you to use other input devices like for example MIDI
devices.  So if you have a MIDI keyboard, you could map all sorts of
GIMP functions to it :)

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