Laszlo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Can I configure Gimp2.2 to disable the new layer pop-up dialog?
> I think it's more annoying as usable.
> What can I set in this popup?:
> - the layer's name (just a double-click on the layer's name )
> - the layer color (90% of case, I think its transparent. If somebody
> want other color, its just a drag&drop from the colors icon)

Well, I don't think transparent is the common case. That was the main
reason for changing this. The other one is consistency but see my
comment below.

> In the version 2.2 I see a good progress the eliminate all the pop-ups
> and simplify it (if can't eliminate it). The measure tool its a good
> example of it.
> If can't be changed by user, can we return the 2.0's way? (just a click,
> and there is a new layer).

Shift-click to suppress the dialog. This is consistent with a lot of
other places where you can Shift-click to skip the dialog and reuse
the last-used values.

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