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> Please give my regards to the French, and speaking of Liberty, you might
> want to recall who liberated France from German occupation, not once, but

It was a joke.  I had hoped that in this unusual discussion about trying
to change the name of the GIMP that some humour might be acceptable but I
geuss not.

Unfortunately some people (the kind who eat "Freedom Fries") have
suggested giving it back the statue in all seriousness.

Another joke "Canada apologizes" gives another perspective on the American
efforts in World War 2 but from your reaction you probably wont see the
funny side of that either.  http://www.espy.ca/news.php?id=401

> twice.  Also perhaps mention the fact that the USA also protected all of
> Europe from the Soviet Union for half a century, at great cost to every man,
> woman, and child in the USA.  Debt for and justifiable claim to the Statue
> of Liberty paid in full.  Case closed.

Again the statue was a gift of friendship and it was a joke.

I'll resist the temptation to tell another joke, but suffice to say the
French do like most American people and it is generally American politics
that they and other around the world dislike.   Slightly less than half of
American who vote dont seem to like the current administration either.

> Seems to me that someone who makes irresponsible statements like the one
> below is forgetting who the real terrorists are in the world.

If we cannot make jokes sometimes the terrorist and religous
fundamentalists have already won.

Again apologies to the other list members, I hoped my comment would be
recongised as a joke but unfortunately it was not.  I'll try not to make
jokes in future.  (And I'll try to resist commenting further on this

- Alan H.
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