Hello list,

I just gave a look at my website using IE, and horror - I had forgotten it cannot handle PNG transparency. So of course one option is to ignore the problem and expect IE to be able to handle it somewhere in the future.

Anyway, would I want to do something about it, I wouldn't know how to handle the problem with the Gimp.
* If I choose to save the image in another format (like GIF which transparency is handled fine), I loose quality. Take for example wilber_the_gimp2.png from www.gimp.org and try to save it as GIF : the nice shade will become a black block, and the antialiasing is lost.
* If I choose to remove the transparency (which is bad in itself but remains an option), I don't know how to replace it with a color (like white) in images like wilber_the_gimp2.png where the transparency is progressive.

Would anyone help me / point me to ressources to solve either of these options?

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