Jakub Friedl (lists) wrote:

remains an option), I don't know how to replace it with a color (like
white) in images like wilber_the_gimp2.png where the transparency is

make a layer below the transparent image (background) with required
color and flatten the image then

Thanks - I also got a simpler answer : set the background color in Gimp
to the one you want, and then save the PNG file checking the box "save
background color".

the most elegant solution is to send png images with transparency to
modern browsers and gif or nontransparent image to that microsoft
garbage. if you place images on a page via CSS it is not hard to
achieve (use child selectors for the things ie should not see)

That's a great idea. It's not the first time I encounter child selectors
but am still annoyed to be forced to use css hacks because of that
crappy IE (mainly because looking at the css becomes a pain after that).
Anyway no solution is perfect as long as one wants to deal with IE.
Thanks a lot.

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