Carol Spears wrote:

when you are saving your image as a png there is a dialog. one of the
options on the dialog is "Save with Background Color", toggle that and
make sure that the color of your web page is in the gimp's toolkit as
the background color. ie will get the color from this information.
unfortunately, it will not handle multicolor backgrounds.

This is indeed the simplest solution, thanks.

it is a giant corporation who are paid well to meet your needs, the
people who author this browser.  perhaps you could ask them and let us
know.  i have never purchased or used their software (very much).  did
it come with a support phone number or email?  this issue comes up
often, if you could find out for us and let us know ....


Well, I gave it a try for the fun of it. Note that IE is a free -as in beer- browser so there is no 'mandatory' support.
Anyway from the help menu I tried:
- Online support : gave me a nice "We’re sorry, we were unable to service your request. As an option, you may visit any of the pages below for information about Microsoft services and products." None of the links provided after that disclaimer adresses Internet Explorer.
- Send comments : gave me another nice "Sorry, page not available".

Thanks for the suggestion though, the result made me smile (as in 'how long will people keep saying IE is good enough...')
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