Here is some information:

Test3.jpeg file is 197KB
Test4.Tiff file is 5.5MB

Test3.jpeg Resolution is 1600x1200 Pix
Test4.tiff Resolution is 1600x1200 Pix

Test3.jpeg 72x72 dip
Test4.tiff 300x300 dip

Now, it would appear that I can scale down,
to a 5x7 inches for the .jpeg and raise the dpi.

As for the .tiff file, I can scale up,
to increase size of file 5 x 7 inches, and lower dpi.

So, the big Question is?,
working with a Raw .tiff file, as to compare to a (fine .jpeg)
the advantages would be ? what more color depth? better correction?
then end size all would be 5x7 inches.

When shooting in HI mode, via digital camera, I must say,
it does take 20 + seconds for the camera to finish copying the image,
to Flash. ( I could upgrade to a faster 40x Flash card, that may help)

But, when shooting FINE mode, via digital camera, this only takes,
a few seconds.

Just looking for some tips...

Thanks in Advance.

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