[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-11-11 at 2157.35 +0200):
> I haven't figured out so far how to use your fix to remove "OK", "Cancel",  
> "Reset", and "Save" icons from buttons though. I tried adding it to gtkrc  
> and imagerc in all locations, overwriting existing image related entries  
> in gtkrc with this. Maybe there's something like
> stock["gtk-button-cancel"] ... etc. that I need to add there using this as  
> a template?
> (I don't know these stock image variables)

Yes, that was removed, it was in the big snip part, there are many
items. The ones you want are probably gtk-ok, gtk-cancel and
gimp-reset (quick look into the list I have) but you will probably
still get other buttons with icons. As it is done, you have to define
every icon, without exceptions.

The complete file is 40K, another of similar size for the parts that
have icon. In total, it makes a 100K or so, plus images (it is a gimp
theme experiment atm). I used gtk+'s gle module (from cvs, months ago)
to go inspecting everything, and also checking source files from gimp
and gtk+ libs to figure all the names.

This is why I ask if there is another way, cos all those things were
many afternoons of figuring things. It is easy to understand people
think doing themes can be hard, as soon as you are not just over
painting icons, it can get complex fast.

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