I've shot a few pseudo "IR" photos with my camera, a Sony F717 in night-shot mode with only ND2 and polarizer filters. I have to shoot in program mode and they're all hand-held which means relatively short exposure times.
When it comes to the GIMP I use auto-levels, duplicate layer, mess with the colours via Layers->Colors->Hue Saturation, Auto->Color Enhance.
Picked this up from a link below, using "Hue Saturation", set the green saturation way down, put the master saturation and hue up. Do that on a separate layer and merge that layer with the original using different layer filters.
I find there's no one way of manipulating these images as Auto-Levels can create some quite startling changes to IR shots!

Here's some IR photos and links I've posted in the last few weeks:


Richard wrote:
Well, I started shooting infrared, got my new 28mm #87 IR filter,
and speaking to those whom are ready done that, been there.

Set digital camera into B&W
shot a few pics, Sunlight was not that bright ( very cloudy )
Speed: 1" @ F3.9

Which filter or plugins, would be the best to use on these kind of photo's ?

Auto Eq.
Auto Level

OR ?

Just looking for a place to start, with some tips.
What shutter speed, should I be trying for ?



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